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Two days later, the strikes spread across Petrograd. Discuss briefly the stages of the French Revolution, with attention to the social ranks in France before it occurred. Well, we could mention, I think an excellent example would be disease. Historical Context The purpose of this section is to have the students engage with the concept and common aspects of revolutions in general.

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So answer A. If students have written a short paper on the political parties, have those students present their work to the class.

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Does Brinton's model even apply for France and Russia? In "The Candlemakers' Petition," Ferderic Bastiat, a 19th century French classical liberal, lampoons the economic assumptions of mercantilism through the use of satire.

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Or Native American people differently than it might affect Europeans? Instead, he argued, revolutionaries should be telling the people of Russia that they should take over the control of the country. The Prelude: Russia After InRussia was still overwhelmingly a country of peasants, but following the Revolution of and the establishment of the Duma, Russia contained a variety of political parties that appealed to different segments of the population.

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For example, don't just write, "Disease," but rather write a sentence that says, "The introduction of pathogens brought "from the Old World to the New affected "Native American societies by drastically "reducing their populations and their settlement patterns.

Why or why not? Discuss with the whole class the position of those ranks, and what goals this rank might have had for the future of Russia. He refused and the Tsar recorded in his diary that the situation in "Petrograd is such that now the Ministers of the Duma would be helpless to do anything against the struggles the Social Democratic Party and members of the Workers Committee.

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Lenin accused those Bolsheviks who were still supporting the government of Prince Georgi Lvov of betraying socialism and suggested that they should leave the party. Alexander Bogdanov called out that his speech was the "delusion of a lunatic. This results in the deaths of over 1, people.

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Was that one of the reasons for their success? Bring up the thing that you know. To understand the various political views in revolutionary Russia, a spectrum spanning from monarchists to Marxists. Over the weekend Feodosiya Drabkina, who had been an active revolutionary for many years, was in the crowd and later remarked: "Just think, in the course of only a few days Russia had made the transition from the most brutal and cruel arbitrary rule to the freest country in the world.

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The governing resume letter cover of the Dutch Republic letter of application sample for accountant everything one would expect of something that was hastily thrown together in the midst of a rebellion.

So if you're stuck on what to write, take some time to think about how a certain event may have affected anyone in these three groups differently than another group.

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The liberal press blames Nicholas II. He is succeeded by his son, Alexander III, who enacts anti-terrorism measures that curb civil rights and freedom of the press.

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It's our timeline that's relatively short. You could also talk about trade and for example horses might be a good example of this. As a whole class, discuss the different political parties of Russia in which includes Nationalists, Octobrists, Constitutional Democrats, Socialist Revolutionaries, Mensheviks, and Bolsheviks. The Socialist Revolutionaries win the largest number of seats, while the Bolsheviks win less than one-quarter of the vote.

In the same month, the death penalty is reintroduced and women are granted the right to vote and hold office.

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This is seen by many as the point of no return for the peaceful development of the Revolution. And lastly, you might think about whether something affects men or women differently or people of different gender expressions or sexualities.

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The Tsar survives through being late to dinner. And for each of these I would really only just write one sentence.

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As a result, restrictions are implemented on the absolute power of the Russian monarch, and a de facto constitution the Fundamental Laws of is issued. So let's brainstorm what we could talk about for answers A or B. So this is really early contact. As a whole class, discuss the different social ranks of Russia in nobles, middle class, workers, peasants.

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